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Election Season. Not Again !
By Joseph D'Alessandro Editor | RealGuns.Com

I watched the Republican debates the other night, on Fox, and it was frightening. Not only didn't I see a candidate I would hire to speak for the clown at Jack in the Box, but with commentators and moderators with so many agendas and reality distorting slogans, I wasn't sure what I was watching. Brit Hume, a guy I typically respect, fed question where they would do the most good for the Fox agenda - Get Rudy Giuliani elected. Sean Hannity is just a dull blade attempting to wrap himself in the flag and history. Consequently, he comes across as disingenuous. A rich dull blade, but still a dull blade. Alan Combs is an enemy of this country. Not a person who debates on honest footing. Not a person driven by ideology. He is just a paid shrill shill freely using hate speech to misinform the public and step on any other messages. If someone would stop him in the street and beat him stupid I would not be surprised, however, I would be entertained.

Rudy Giuliani is a New York liberal and a weasel. He can blabber all he wants about being with Republicans on 80% of the issues, but the 20% disagreement is everything a conservative Republican platform represents. Being pro choice isn't a deal killer, but paying for abortions with federal funds and subsidizing incredibly profitable abortion clinics is. I know what marriage is, and it is not between two people of the same gender. Rudy's unwillingness to sign off on a Constitutional Amendment "at this time" is classic New York Three Card Monty ply. He'd sign, he says, but only after a glut of states have legalized same sex marriage and it becomes a big problem. In political terms, that means after the problem is so out of control that no one would hold him responsible, he'll talk about signing off on a worthless piece of paper that will never gain a popular super majority to pass. He is anti gun, he comes from a state that bans the presence of the Ten Commandments and a Cross, yet allows entire public schools to be built at the exclusion of all but Muslims. Screw you Ruddy. I'd rather have this country slapped awake by a Hillary Presidency than have a clown pretend to represent "the people". His unwillingness to drop out of the Senate race and fall behind another candidate in support is the sole reason Hillary Clinton is in office - he put her there.

Fred Thompson thinks he is a consultant. Each question receiving the long protracted tone of advice rather than leadership. I like his values and history, but the press is killing him and he isn't doing much to help himself. I can never tell if I am listening to a sincere response from him, or memorized lines from "Law and Order". He appears bored.

Mitt Romney ? Yes, of course. When I am looking for integrity and self sacrifice to do the hard work and turn the country around, I always look for an ex investment banker. He believes in the sanctity of marriage but only his state, during his governorship, passed a bill to legalize gay marriage. he then avoided taking steps to challenge the law before it became settled. He is a life time NRA supporter who never held a membership. He is a life time hunter, who never held a license. He is a slick wealthy, self serving politician who wants to take over the helm of the largest company in the world and operate it to some undefined vision.

I like Mike Huckabee, but he always seems to end each statement as a Baptist Minister in the voice of Gomer Pyle. I don't want a minister, I want someone to follow the law and the constitution as intended by my, your, founding fathers. I do not want to live by the philosophies of Mexican Nationals streaming across the border to provide Democrats with a vote, or the Muslim organizations that are setting up shop in court rooms and legislative chambers.

Tom Tancredo is a great guy, straight forward and certainly with an understanding of the meaning of immigration reform. But he is nervous on stage, timid in appearance and moderators won't give him the time of day when asking question. The press has a way of killing candidates they don't support by culling them out from publicity and exposure.

Ron Paul, who actually in not living in outer space and has some important things to say, is being set up as a joke and used to distract voters from the issues.

In any event, whoever is elected President can only ruin the country as Congress permits...and they will continue to run the country around, over and under the President. We are losing representation in local government, we have people heading up our universities that should be living in an appliance box in an alley rather than forming the unfortunately dull witted minds of younger generations. And of course there are the over the hill parents who are latching on to their youth with a death grip and want to live their childhood in perpetuity. Ever hear the children they've raised attempt to parse thought? "Huh? What? Who? Giggle, glassy eyed look. "What was the question again?"

So when you are outraged by Hillary Clinton yielding control of our coastal oceans to a foreign body, try being a little outraged at yourself for not getting the board of education who causally fed your preteen birth control pills because they want your children and they have decided your values make you an unfit parent.

When I look at this sea of truly terrible Presidential candidates, I get angry at myself because I didn't do enough to stop this country from getting this way and producing these people as the best of the best.


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