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Browning's Buck Mark Plus Rosewood UDX
Now here's a little bit of firearm art...
©RGI Media, Inc - Published with permission

It's difficult for me to write about this type of firearm. I am a mediocre writer at best, constantly locked in a life or death struggle with the English language and always in search of a product hook that might grab and hold a reader's attention. If I can't hang the tags "newest", "biggest", "smallest", "lightest", or "craziest"... on a product, I'm pretty much shooting metaphorical blanks. Which is unfortunate because, while none of those adjectives apply to the Browning Buck Mark Plus, it deserves an enthusiastic presentation.

Feature and specification highlights

The Browning Buck Mark product line, since its inception in 1985, has continually evolved into ever more refined firearms, like the Buck Mark Plus Rosewood UDX of 2006. Personally, I believe this is the best looking and best made Buck Mark to date.

The Buck Mark Plus is distinguishable from other Buck Mark models by its combination of slab sided steel alloy barrel, Truglo front sight and finger grooved Ultragrip DX™ grips with matching contoured front strap.

The Buck Mark Plus, with its five and one-half inch barrel, is exceptionally well balanced. At thirty four ounces, its heft makes for a steady offhand shooter, but not so heavy as to cause shooter fatigue or too heavy for holstered carry. Light pipe sights, out to twenty five yards, are great for plinking, small game hunting and recreational target shooting, the primary applications for this pistol.

Buck Mark Plus Rosewood UDX



Item #


Country of Origin U.S.A.
Type Single Action


Blow-Back Autoloader


22 Long Rifle

Mag Capacity


Barrel Length





2 Lbs 2 Oz

Overall Length



Laminated Rosewood


7075 Aircraft Aluminum

Rear Sight

Adjustable Pro Target

Front Sight

TRUGLO® fiber-optic

Trigger Pull

4 Lbs. 9 Oz.

Safety Thumb & Mag Disconnect



Nominal Weights & Measures


Bracketed by earlier evolution

I guess I will always be attached to the Challenger 1962 - 1985, top; different type of pistol for a different time, but a good shooter with a lot of nostalgic appeal. The Buck Mark Plus, middle, has a number of subtle and not so subtle differences in comparison to an earlier Buck Mark, bottom.

A little more detail

The Adjustable Pro-Target™ rear sight, installed on all current Buck Mark models, is a good one. Windage and elevation adjustment are tactile and positive. The face is serrated to dampen reflection and the approximately 0.125" window is right for the matching 0.125" front sight.

Both the slide release and safety are within easy thumb swipe range. The magazine release button is easy to depress to release the magazine, but not so easy as to cause an accidental release as the basis for one of those truly embarrassing moments at the range. The vertical nubs at the rear of the slide are a thoughtful refinement and make it an easy grab to pull the slide back without grabbing a handful of rear sight. While all Plus models have this feature, other Buck Mark Models may not. Some models within the product line have slides that are scalloped like this, but without the nubs, and others have a slab sided aft slide surface with full height angled serrations and no nubs.

The Buck Mark Plus Rosewood UDX looks even better up close. The framed grip stippling is artful, very clean, and it feels so much better when shooting than traditional checkering. The Made In USA, in these times, is always appreciated. Over-lit by electronic flash, in actual use the bright green ends of the light pipe front sight stand out against any background.

Shooting impressions

The nicest part of the review process is when I can leave my cell phone and desk behind, grab a bunch of ammo and the subject firearm and head out to the range and pretend I am working.

The Ultragrip DX™ grips have a very natural feel. With the curve of the frame snug to the web of my hand, my wrist was straight and the pad of my finger tip fell naturally on the Browning's trigger. This is one of the best Buck Mark triggers I've encountered. For me, pull weight isn't as critical to me as is the lack of creep, a clean break and a relatively wide trigger.

With greater quantification...

Live Fire Performance - 25 Yards


25 Yd
5 Shot
Ammo Bullet
25 Yd
5 Shot
CCI Mini-Mag 40 1235 1051 1.9 Rem Thunderbolt 40 1255 1042 2.2
Federal Game Shok 40 1260 1072 2.0 Rem Yellow Jacket 33 1500 1177 3.2
Rem-Peters 40 1255 1067 2.1 Win - TIN 26 1650 1267 1.3
Rem Sub Sonic 38 1050 785 1.6 Win - Super Speed 40 1300 1102 2.4
Eley Target 40 1985 911 1.0 - - - - -

Shot from a sandbag rest

These are very good twenty-five yard groups from a rim fire pistol with the exception, perhaps, of the Yellow Jacket Ammo. Not to be confused with virtual Internet groups that are traditionally shot with a keyboard. It was interesting that this is the first 22 LR autoloader pistol we've reviewed that fired Sub Sonic ammo without a feed or eject problem. In fact, we routinely mixed ammo and shot very low and very high velocity ammo without a hiccup.

Live Fire Performance - 25 Feet


25 Ft
5 Shot
CCI Mini-Mag 40 1235 1051 0.30
Federal Game Shok 40 1260 1072 0.35
Rem Thunderbolt 40 1255 1042 0.58
Win - Super Speed 40 1300 1102 0.65

Shot from a Sandbag Rest

Up closer, where eyesight was less of a factor, the five shot groups were impressive, even when the best performing, very expensive, twenty-five yard ammo was omitted.


Buck Mark alternatives

If the Browning's Buck Mark Plus Rosewood UDX isn't your cup of tea, Browning has fifteen models of Buck Marks to suit your aesthetic palate. Alloy steel and stainless barrels in a variety of contours and lengths, laminated hardwood or synthetic grips. There are basic rear sight bridges, as well as half and full length scope bases. All models have an Adjustable Pro-Target™ rear sight. Front sights are blade, adjustable and fiber optic depending on particular model. Finish varies from blue, to gray, to green with stainless and natural aluminum alloy frames. For full details on all models and variations, check out www.Browning.Com.

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