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Review: Blue Book of Gun Values, 27th Edition
By Joseph D'Alessandro Editor | RealGuns.Com

If you're like me and constantly looking at new and used guns, you probably have spent some time developing sources of credible information. The Blue Book of Gun values is one of those reference books that is worth having around. The newest release was published April 2006. The book contains over 2,000 pages and at $25 through discount book retailers, it is probably the best pounds for pay value. The Blue Book covers both modern and antique firearms, providing retail prices based on condition. It is not a wholesale pricing guide, which is fine for most applications. Listings are organized around manufacturers, then types of firearms, then models of firearms then variations within models. As an example, you would find Colt, Percussion, Dragoon Series, then models under Dragoon. The book is comprehensive to an extent. Remington has listings from the Hepburn to the Nylon 66 and current Model 7s. There are foreign manufacturer listings, obsolete gun listings and a sprinkle of custom shop listings.

The book has other sections; advise on when to sell, nostalgic stories of old firearms, how to use the guide and how to determine condition for the purpose of pricing. Most are useful, some not so much, but the center piece of retail price information is more than adequate, having more listing and prices than the 2006 Standard Catalog of Firearms. As an example, both had a listing for Remington's 2005 introduced Model 504 Custom, but only the Blue Book has prices. Both publications covered STI well, both indicated comprehensive prices, but only the Standard Catalog has picture, which takes us to the two weak spots in the Blue book. I like pictures next to listings that are representative of a model. This way I know I am off base when I notice what I thought was a Marlin 336 should not have a bolt handle. The Blue Book essentially does not have pictures to illustrate listings. While both claim to list retail prices based on data gathering at retail outlets and gun shows, the Blue Book seems to consistently run 10% higher is price listings than other reference guides. Does the price listing difference matter? Only if you believe someone will pay retail price for a used firearm - and that isn't going to happen.

I think the Blue book provides good relative information and some basis for a starting point. it is not an end all in reference material, not should it be the only price source on a book shelf. Still, it is a quality publication and a good contributing source of information. I believe it is worth the price.

Book Info & Summary:
  Retail Price: $25.00   Author: S.P. Fjestad
  Publisher: Blue Book Publications   Publish Date: April 2006
  Format: Paperback 2008pp   Available: Amazon
  Quality of information (1-5):                   4   Quality of Presentation (1-5):              3
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