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Review: Any Shot You Want
The A-Square Handloading and Rifle Manual
By Joseph D'Alessandro Editor | RealGuns.Com

"Any Shot You Want" may be tough to track down, it seems to go in and out of print, and was listed with two - three week lead time when I located it on Amazon. Fortunately, the book actually shipped in two days; two days, or  three weeks it would have been worth the wait - terrific book.

The reloading portion of the book, about half of the pages, isn't what I would label a traditional reloading manual. While a broad array of cartridges are represented; .22 Hornet to 105x608mm tank round, most of the heavy British rounds, wildcat and proprietary rounds, and conventional cartridges - the actual number of loads documented is small. If I were looking for a reloading manual for standard cartridges, either Speer or Hornady manuals would be a much better choice. "Any Shot You Want" does offer a good deal of history on some of the more obscure cartridges, and a pretty good dissection of each cartridge's positive and negative attributes. It is, however, the other half of the book that makes this a worthwhile library addition.

Many topics are addressed, topics that we all encounter in out pursuit of firearm related interests. As an example, there are two section on hunting philosophy and ethics spanning North American and African trophy/big game hunting. The author did a good job of putting hunting into context with the rest of society, including the sports contribution to preservation and conservation. There various sections on cartridge and firearm selection run from varmint to elephant as a product of tradition, as an objective selection through the use of some basic math, by pros and cons of actions and barrel lengths, and finally by topography, geography and field conditions. There is a lot of information on bullet type selection; bullets from A-Square as well as every other manufacturer. 

There is an expansion on the type of information quality reloading manuals provide. A good example is the section "Throats, Freebore and Overall Length". In most manuals, the issue of a throat is covered with a half inch line drawing with the caption, "This is a throat".  "Any Shot You Wants put together six full pages on the title topics, complete with quality illustrations that address: what it is, why it is, how it all relates to bullet seating, and what the typical misperceptions are. Excellent. The subject of annealing is covered in detail, as is fire forming, ambient temperature effect on pressures, crimp types and pressures, recommended equipment lists, the proper sequence of reloading, etc. The ballistics math sections are very good and easy to put to use. There are even 10 pages dedicated to the mechanics of bullet penetration. In fact, if you had one good manual that was handload data heavy, this might be the only other reference book you would need. 

I could list all of the useful section in this book within the allotted space, so the review is a bit of an injustice to the book. I keep putting the book away, but it keeps on ending up back on my bench; it's very educational and very useful.



Book Info & Summary:
  Retail Price: $39.95   Author: Alphin, Aagaard, Boddington, 
Minton, Wieland
  Publisher: On Target Press   Publish Date: 1996
  Format: Paperback 624 pp   Available: Amazon
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