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Some friends of ours, the same ones who were kind enough to put RealGuns.Com together and who bail us out when tech glitches arise, put together a new site TalkingConservatively.Com. No, it is not a great right wing conspiracy, it is just social media without a political review committee and without a list of legal products that are banned or a jail for members.

Speaking conservatively and speaking liberally are permitted. Talking about firearms and promoting and fostering their legal sale is permitted. You can be friends with anyone and you can listen to everyone. You can create and participate in groups and you can join groups and quit groups. You can shut out people as you choose. You can use your page to promote your product, your political philosophy and/or discussions of interest.

TalkingConservatively.Com Restrictions? Do not violate federal and/or state laws. As an example, as an FFL you can sell through other FFL holders around the country. As an individual, if your state permits, you can make a private sale. However, as an unlicensed individual, you cannot sell across state lines. So, know the laws and follow them. There are no fees for this activity.

So, new service, few members as it is literally days old and just out of beta. The service is still being heavily worked to remove the fuzz and lots of test code and fat code, but it is workable and a little bit of fun finding and reporting hiccups as humans actually respond to feedback.

TalkingConservatively.Com accounts are free for all but data piggies who need to upload many multiples of large files.  For those who need more space, there is a $19.95/year charge for a couple of hundred more megabytes of storage. Settings for post distribution and anonymity can be set at sign up and anytime afterward. Members can cancel at anytime and posts can be deleted by their authors.

Why is sign up required? So that someone with time on their hands and malice on their mind doesn’t write a script and create a million accounts in an effort to close the site. Account information required is minimal. In any event, hope you’ll help out with this and find some useful benefits.

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