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Recently, I was putting in some range time with a T/C Compass chambered for the 30-06 Springfield. Weighing seven pounds and a bit, the 30-06 Springfield was hardly a canon, but sixty rounds into the session I was beginning to feel a little banged around.

The Compass is threaded for 5/8″-24 muzzle devices, a standard for brakes, flash hiders and silencers, however, the Compass is supplied with only a thread protector. I did have a new Ruger Precision Rifle Hybrid Muzzle Brake on hand, so I took thirty second and installed it on the Compass. The jam nut is screwed onto the barrel, the brake follows, a 7/8″ wrench is used to run the jam nut up against the brake to lock it into the desired orientation.

The Precision Rifle Hybrid Muzzle Brake is quite different in design from traditional brakes, as its performance suggests; up to 58% recoil reduction and reduced muzzle blast.

The brake decelerates and cools gas and dissipates pressure to cut jet or secondary recoil and to redirect sound waves away from the side of the muzzle and the shooter.

Looking at the back half of the brake, an expansion chamber is formed with a 0.590″ bore, which is then cross drilled to form 0.240″ ports that are perpendicular to the bore centerline. The result is that outside ports are longer than they would be on a traditional brake with ports drilled radially around the bore centerline, the size of the expansion chamber is increased beyond primary bore diameter and interior baffles are formed at both ends and between outside adjacent ports.

The bullet leaves the expansion chamber and vents to the sides of the forward chamber. The triangular shaped forward chamber has ribs top and bottom, that split and further slow exiting gases. The combination makes for a brake that is slightly larger in diameter than a traditional brake, but also significantly shorter. The brake is 2.210″x1″ and it weighs 3.2 ounces.

If you don’t care about recoil and noise, you may care about this!…!!

The T/C Compass is no slouch in the accuracy department. The group on the left was shot at 100 yards and measures 0.8″ with 150 grain Remington Express Core-Lokt ammunition, the group on the right was the same, only with the Ruger Precision Rifle Hybrid Brake installed. Removing the brake consistently returned the Compass to no brake performance and reinstalling the brake shrunk group sizes to half the unbraked size. Yes, each group’s orientation to the bullseye was the result of braked and unbraked point of impact shifts. Groups were shot with 180 and 125 grain factory ammo, Winchester, Remington and Hornady, all with similar results.

The Ruger Precision Rifle Hybrid Muzzle Brake fits 5/8″-24 threads and is listed for use with 308, 6.5mm and 243 calibers. Construction is alloy steel and is has a matte black finish. MSRP is $99.95, the Ruger part number is 90590 and it is available at ShopRuger.Com. The Ruger brake can also be used with 1/2″-28 thread barrels with the use of a shoulder or shoulderless 1/2″-28 to 5/8″-24 brake adapter as sold through Brownells and MidwayUSA.

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