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Real Guns August Membership Drive
We’re like PBS… only without the snooty British programming or totebags

We have integrity and we shill for no one. That does not mean we are above bribing you. Purchase an annual subscription for Real Guns® for just $39.95 during the month of August and take your pick of a free Real Guns cap, Real Guns T-Shirt or nifty Real Guns coffee mug for as long as the supply lasts. And, yes, you will know if an item and/or size is in or out of stock before you join.

Why should you join Real Guns? Good question! Because we publish good, original stuff for firearm enthusiasts, constantly, and we really rely on member support. You will never be assailed with pop-up ads, flashing banners or irrelevant videos eating up your internet bandwidth when you just want to relax and read about guns. Unlike other services, we really don’t sell your personal information or flood your email box with junk we are trying to sell.