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Why Some Women Hunt

It’s no secret that female hunters are the fastest-growing demographic in the hunting arena, despite a drop in the overall number of hunters. Women are taking to the field and the backcountry in record number from state-to-state. According to NRA Family, the number of female hunters increased from 1.8 million in 2001 to 3.3 million in 2013. And that number continues to grow! The reasons why some women hunt vary, but here a few insights…

Being a Provider

Women have begun to identify with the provider persona. There is something very empowering for women when they begin to provide for their families. Whether their quarry is birds, fish or big game, there is a huge sense of pride and satisfaction for women when they fill their freezer or serve game for meals. It is not uncommon to see social media platforms flooded with images of packaged meat, meals, recipes and field preparation of game during the hunting seasons by female hunters. Historically, women have long been considered gatherers, while males were considered hunters. Women are changing that perception in record numbers.

Connecting with the Outdoors

Women have really begun to identify with the outdoors. Hunting is not just a matter of taking an animal. The harvest is actually the proverbial icing on the cake. Most female hunters will note that their love of hunting is based on spending solitary time outside. Scouting and connecting. Taking in all of the sights, sounds, and smells. Learning animals and their patterning. Watching all wildlife. Listening to the world wake up and go back to bed. The overall experience is revitalizing to women who are knee-deep in managing jobs, family, and households.

Having Trophy Pride

While hunting isn’t all about the trophy, let’s face it… when you get a good one, you definitely want to share it. Women take great pride in their trophies, no matter the size or score. And interestingly, women tend to raise up and cheer their sisters for their accomplishments. Women have an astute sense that a trophy is in the eye of the beholder. While often on social media, you can witness hunters shaming other hunters for smaller quarry, women don’t do this. And, should one of the ladies get a true trophy-class animal, the praise is genuine and heartfelt from her sisters. And let’s also face it… it is always fun when guests enter the home, see the animals and ask the husband about them. There is so much fun to be gained when they find out the trophies are yours.

Mastering Your Firearm

While most of us begin our hunting careers with a specific firearm of choice, women tend to really enjoy learning the nuances of new guns. One may start with a rifle, then move to black powder or archery. Women relish observing, learning, and mastering. There is a great sense of pride when a woman gets her first harvest with a new system. The entire process is both cerebral and emotional.

Passing-On the Heritage

With more and more broken homes in our society, many women have taken on hunting in efforts to teach their children and pass-on their heritage. Some families may not have a father/male figure to help teach the next generation.  And this is where many women have rolled up their sleeves and assumed the role. There is literally nothing more satisfying than seeing your child on his/her first successful hunt. Not only are the ethics and codes of hunting being taught, but there is also time spent in the outdoors without the stimulation of civilization around.

Living the Sisterhood

More and more, women are getting involved with hunting in efforts to jump into the female hunting sisterhood. Female hunters are supportive, understanding and share the life roles of wife, mother, daughter, grandmother, income earner and housekeeper. They are drawn to women who share their interests and can learn and grow in a supportive environment.

Sharing the Time

Over time, I have seen one very common theme…men love to get their ladies interested in hunting so they can spend that time together. It becomes a couples sport and is so healthy for the relationship. It is heartwarming to watch the overwhelming pride men have when their ladies go hunting, go scouting, go shooting, and harvest animals. I personally love when the social media feeds flood with photos of couples celebrating each other’s success and adventure.


Let us hope the curve continues and that women continue to enter the hunting arena with such enthusiasm. The trend is a healthy trend. And one I hope to continue to watch!

Mossberg® Releases MC1sc™ Stainless Two-Tone Pistols

The MC1sc Stainless Two-Tone features a bead-blasted, stainless-steel slide over a matte-black polymer frame. The stainless-steel slide features aggressive multi-angle serrations that provide positive slide manipulation and is topped with dovetail-mounted, low-profile white 3-dot sights. The durable frame is glass-reinforced which provides high impact and chemical resistance combined with high tensile strength and stiffness. The 3.4-inch barrel, constructed of stainless steel, features a black DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) finish and a 1-in-16 twist rate. Optional cross-bolt safety is available and is reversible for right or left-handed shooters.

Other standard features include a flat-profile trigger with integrated blade safety; short, tactile reset; reduced overtravel; and a 5 to 6-pound trigger pull weight. Trigger guards are oversized for ease of access and comfort. All MC1sc models come with a flush 6-round and an extended 7-round single-stack Clear-Count™ magazines. Constructed of a transparent, lubricious polymer compound, the magazines offer low friction and high wear resistance, while providing quick at-a-glance assessment of the number of rounds loaded. MC1sc pistols also have a reversible magazine release, located behind the trigger guard. Featuring Mossberg’s signature texturing, the grip has an added palm swell and grip angle, similar to a 1911, for a more comfortable, confident grip. And completing the MC1sc Stainless Two-Tone is our exclusive, patent-pending Mossberg STS™ (Safe Takedown System), which unlike competitive products, does not require the user to pull the trigger to dissemble for routine cleaning or maintenance.

Superior ergonomics, innovation and engineering expertise are at the core of the MC1sc family of 9mm pistols.


#89006  –  MC1sc Stainless, Two-Tone 


#89008 – MC1sc Stainless, Two-Tone with Cross Bolt Safety

Bullet and Barrel Earns NSSF Five-Star Rating

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®), the trade association for the firearms industry, is pleased to announce that it has awarded its highest Five-Star rating for range excellence to Bullet and Barrel Indoor Range and Training Facility located in Huntsville, Alabama. This impressive indoor shooting facility boasts 19 total lanes, nine at […]

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Team Beretta Shooters Dominate at 2019 World English Sporting Championship

Team Beretta shooters recently achieved 15 podium honors at the 2019 World English Sporting Championship hosted at Northbrook Sports Club in Hainesville, IL.

Go-To Guns for Home Defense

I was just starting to get comfortable in my bed a little before 11:00 pm one night this past spring when I caught the movement of light outside my bedroom window. At the very same moment, my daughter was calling me from her cell phone upstairs in her bedroom to say that she was seeing lights out her window as well and that someone was walking around outside our house. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the Mossberg Plinkster .22 rifle that was leaning in the corner behind the dresser in our room.

I slipped down the hallway just in time to catch someone snooping around on our back deck. They were looking around, as well as looking through the sliding glass door. Without turning lights on in the house, I eased over to the door without being seen by the prowler on the porch. 

I quietly opened the sliding glass door and eased the barrel of the gun out as the person continued to snoop their way around our back deck. I shouted, “Can I help you!” as the prowler started to walk back down the steps. At that point, the person quickly made their way in my direction towards the door.  In a flash, I knew I could be facing a life-altering decision knowing someone was crazy enough to try and get in my house with me standing in the doorway.  I shouted, “Stop…or I’m going to shoot!”  At that point I heard a woman’s voice reply, “I need help.” The woman was obviously under the influence and claimed to be looking for her husband.  I made it clear to the lady that she was looking in the wrong place for her husband, got her some help, and sent her on her way.

Go-To Guns

On that night, the little Plinkster in my hand was enough to deter the woman at my door. Fortunately, she didn’t call my bluff. But the encounter got me to thinking, “I really wish I would have had more than a little .22 in my hands when all that chaos went down.” In the days following, I quickly researched the guns I wanted to add to my home security collection. Here’s a look at the guns I wish I had when I met a prowler at the door.

Mossberg 500 ATI Tactical

If looks alone could kill, the 500 ATI Tactical would have you covered. This gritty new shotgun from Mossberg is the perfect blend of Mossberg reliability with the functionality and performance of ATI components. It has all the features the 500 is known for, including the ambidextrous safety, dual extractors, positive steel-to-steel lockup, twin action bars, and a smooth operating anti-jam elevator. Better yet, the features of this model allow you to outfit this gun with a plethora of components to give you the baddest tactical shotgun on the planet. The stock, heat shield, side saddle and accessory rail options take this tactical 500 to a whole new level. It’s a 12 gauge chambered in 3” with a 5+1 capacity and an 18.5” barrel. The gun weighs in at 6.75 pounds and sells for $588.

Mossberg 590 Shockwave

The 590 Shockwave was introduced in 2017 and quickly became a favorite for home defense because of its compact design and shooter-friendly performance. Thanks to its compact size the gun is perfectly suited for a grab-n-go defense firearm when things get ugly, yet can easily be stored in a number of places throughout your home. The gun comes in 12 gauge with a 5+1 shell capacity. It’s chambered to 3 inches and features a heavy-walled, 14.375” barrel. It weighs in at 5.25 pounds and starts at $469.

Mossberg MC1sc Subcompact Pistol

It’s been a long time coming, but Mossberg finally released their MC1sc subcompact 9mm pistol. It’s honestly one of the most exciting releases for Mossberg as they dive into the category of  concealed carry protection. It’s the perfect tool for when trouble arises in tight quarters and you need to quickly make your move. The MC1sc was designed for optimal shootability with superior ergonomics. It starts with an optimized grip angle for easier target acquisition and a flat-profile for an improved pull. The gun was built for concealment with its slim profile design that won’t snag on the draw. The MC1sc weighs in at just 22 ounces and starts at $421.

The crazy encounter I had with a prowler at my back door was enough to motivate me to beef up my home defense arsenal. The guns mentioned above are where I’ll start in my efforts to live out my freedom to protect the ones I love the most. See more on the complete Mossberg line at

MOSS18015 Home Defense eBook_Blog_CTA

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