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Ruger’s SP101 357 Magnum In Basic Black Something other than spray and pray
Winchester 1873 and the 44-40 WCF Part I Project Status: 80% time spent, 20% done
Talking Conservatively: New Social Media Experiment – URL Correction A place where firearm discussion and sales are welcome
A 7mm-08 Remington Lightweight Mountain Rifle Part 1 that can be used with or without mountains
Ruger’s Anything But Standard M77 Hawkeye in 243 Winchester and the solitary hunter...
Ruger’s PC Carbine – Chassis Edition Nothing less could be expected
Ruger’s 77/22 And The Sting Of The Hornet Part 2 Fortunately, with no Seth Rogen...
Ruger’s 77/22 And The Sting Of The Hornet Part 1 How to relax and enjoy firearms...
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