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The Hornady Lock-N-Load® Power Case Prep Center The task is always one part machine and one part operator
Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center® Model SW1911 Did you notice they are not all the same?
Browning X-Bolt Pro Tungsten in 7mm Rem Magnum Part I A case of mechanical mutualism
Browning’s 1911-380 Black Label Medallion Pro A 1911 that won't make your pants fall down
Remington’s 300 Ultra Mag and the Remington American Wilderness Rifle Part I A no compromise combination
The Ruger 57 5.7x28mm Did not see this coming!
Ruger’s LCP II 22 LR
The Ruger 77/357 357 Magnum Light gear for close in woodland deer hunting
Ruger’s Security-9 Why purchase a cheap gun when you can purchase a good gun?
The Ruger Hawkeye Hunter in 308 Winchester
Ruger’s SP101 357 Magnum In Basic Black Something other than spray and pray
Ruger’s Anything But Standard M77 Hawkeye in 243 Winchester and the solitary hunter...
Ruger’s PC Carbine – Chassis Edition Nothing less could be expected
Ruger’s 77/22 And The Sting Of The Hornet Part 2 Fortunately, with no Seth Rogen...
Ruger’s 77/22 And The Sting Of The Hornet Part 1 How to relax and enjoy firearms...
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