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Ruger’s Hard Charging, 9mm Luger PC Charger When a carbine is just too much to carry
Remington’s Model 700 Classic Deluxe The case for the elegant rifle
Ruger’s American Ranch In 6.5 Grendel Part I An efficient cartridge is an exceptional cartridge
Ruger’s 77/44 – The Next Generation 44 Magnum Carbine Part I With just a little bit of flare
Marlin’s 1894 Lever Action in 45 Colt Lever guns in modern times
The Hornady Lock-N-Load® Power Case Prep Center The task is always one part machine and one part operator
Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center® Model SW1911 Did you notice they are not all the same?
Browning X-Bolt Pro Tungsten in 7mm Rem Magnum Part I A case of mechanical mutualism
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