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The face of the new enemy; a union of globalists dedicated to disarming Americans and forcing their far left perspective on every aspect of American life. “Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility” buys a small number of shares in large corporations, they get a couple of far left fund managers to back them, and attempt to create the appearance they have forced the company’s management to bend to their will in a public manner.

In the case of Ruger, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility” was helped by Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis forced a token shareholder resolution on Ruger’s board and management. For all of the far left bluster and all of their foreign money, all they managed to do was oblige Ruger to write a report, with minimum expenditure on the topic of firearm safety. I loved Ruger’s Brand Video response – I like Ruger. They know who they are and they are not in the least bit intimidated or wavering in their business direction or commitment to gun owners.

What makes organizations like “Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility” particularly sinister is that they are using the power of investors’ money, without advising investors of their organizational agenda and without gaining explicit consent. And this agenda is not just firearms targeted. “Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility” targets cultural views, morality, family values, privacy – they are out to intrude into every aspect of American life and force individuals into compliance with their skewed agenda. If you check out the web site that is home to “Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility”, and you look at who they are attacking, you won’t find an agenda of faith, respect for life, or an end to poverty or an altruistic pursuit. They hide behind the curtain, obscuring their identity and placing Americans under siege.

What did they accomplish with this momentary slight of hand at Ruger? Not a damn thing. I thank the folks at Ruger for taking a stand for their legitimate investors, for promoting a free society and for standing by gun owners the world over. It is refreshing to see a company that isn’t politically or morally malleable.

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